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    Common questions about Polefitness.

    Why Polefitness is good for you?

    Pole Fitness is beneficial for everyone regardless of age, sex, or weight. Your instructor will teach you the basic principles of the exercises and coach you thoroughly and enthusiastically through every new technique. Whether you're a beginner or have a fitness background, you can make it as easy or as challenging as you like. Practicing Pole Fitness has both physical and mental benefits. You will develope more endurance, muscle tone, and flexibility, as well as improving your self-esteem and body. Unlike other tedious workouts, all the variations in dance and pole techniques + social elements in the classes will keep you interested and motivated. Pole Fitness may be high impact, but before you know it you'll posess skills you never thought you could have. And all of this with a great fun!

    What is the difference between polefitness and poledance?

    Pole dancing is a form of entertainment, with the goal to amuse others, it's basicly a dance routine with the same moves from Polefitness, but with more sensual and spice moves. There is a misconception that Pole Fitness is associated with stripping, which definitely is not the case. At Pole Fitness (keyword being fitness) we focus on the true athetlic side of working with a pole. But both styles are simple amazing!

    I have back/neck/shoulder/wrist problems, is Pole Fitness still suitable for me?

    Seek medical advice from your doctor when in doubt about whether or not you can join Pole Fitness lessons. If you are seeing a physiotherapist, he or she can inform you on the pro's and con's regarding the workout and whether you should persue further.

    Will I need extra strength training in order to practice Pole Fitness?

    No, that is not necessary. Through Pole Fitness lessons, your power will be built up gradually. The workout itself is a form of strength training. In general you can say that Pole Fitness not only improves your fitness and flexibility, but also builds your muscles.

  • Polefitness Center Iceland

    Pole Fitness Center is owned by Josy Zareen. Josy started teaching in 2006 and she was the first polefitness instructor in Iceland. In the same year Josy opened Mango Studio together with Ingunn Ragna, Selma and Guðrun Lára. Josy's goal has always been simple, to teach pole in a safe, supportive, and extremely fun environment. Together with her staff, Polefitness Center offers the most variety in classes and since day one, has always offered a private party experience. Quality matters so when you celebrate your birthday or bachelorette party with us, your party will always be fun and memorable.

  • Make your event unforgetable!

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    Most popular

    Bachelorette Party

    30 or 60min. Blast of fun for the group.

    Bachelor Party.

    20 or 30 min. for the groom (or his friends) learn a dance routine! and show it on his wedding day.

  • Classes Overview

    Our classes are all individual or duet. We have poles for renting on a monthly base. The moment you rent a pole from us you receive 4 classes for the month (60 min. class once a week).

    In case you already have a pole at home, you can hire one of our teachers for a private class at your home. If you have any question, please contact us!


    Classic sport style. No heels or routine applied.


    Dance style. Usually with heels and sensual routine.

    Pole Light

    Basic and more easy exercise. Specially for those that has not much strenght or are overweight.

    Pole XXX

    Specially designed for those who want to surprise someone with a dance routine.

    Pole Junior

    Classes for mother and daughter, or teenagers.

    Pole Freestyle

    A mix with different styles. Feel free to blend any rithm or moves with freestyle.How to sign up with us?

  • Check my YouTube Chanel

    Here you can check few of my videos, just to give you the taste of Bellydance.

    Performance in the Tjarnarbíó (Theater).

    Bollywood dance.

    Performance with some of my students in the Magadanshúsið annual dance show.

    Some action in my daily classes.

    Just finish one of my choreographies, and dancing with my students.

    Egyptian Bellydance Style.

    Annual dance Show Performance.

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    Telephone: 774 2345
    E-mail: info@polefitness.is

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  • Bachelor or Bachelorette

    List of Dance style to choose for:

    Bellydance - Bollywood - Samba - Burlesque - Zumba - Salsa - Hawaiian - Polefitness.

    Package one: 1 dance style : 30/45/60 min.

    Package two: 2 dance styles at your choice : 30/45/60 min.

    Package three: 3 dance style : 45/60 min.

    NOTE: Costumes can be included. For more detail call or SMS to: 774-2345.

    NOTE: Most popular giggs are: Package three: Bellydance + Burlesque + Polefitness.

    E-mail me and book now!
  • More

    Teaching is a huge responsibility. In order to be a competent instructor, it's imperative that you have experience, the ability to break down movements verbally as well as physically, and to have at least a basic working knowledge of what muscle groups are being used and how to describe where each specific movement is originating from. You need to have more than just a passing familiarity with whatever style of belly dance you are teaching; you've got to know the signature moves of the style, where it came from, and so on. In laymans terms, you need to know your stuff.

    There are many ways to start a teaching career and each one is as valid as any of the rest. Every so often, it just sort of happens, the way it did to me. Many years ago, I hadn't even considered teaching, but I kept getting requests from friends and other dancers. I started holding informal Saturday morning classes – in my sister's living room! My classes were getting crowded, and, with other interferences such as my four-year-old niece running in and out of the room and wrapping herself up in everyone's veils; it quickly became apparent that I needed to move to a real studio! Often a local teacher will move or retire, and designate a star student to take her place as the instructor; some dancers start off substitute teachers at their dance studio, or apprenticing themselves to an instructor there before beginning their own classes. Many prospective teachers decide to get certified by master teacher or a dance school in a unique format or style of belly dance, while others come to teaching in a more organic way, developing on their own. Any way is fine, it just depends on what you're teaching and where. Whether you choose to be certified or not, it goes without question you'll need a broad understanding of the dance in it's myriad forms and knowledge of your local scene as well as the world-wide belly dance community. You should have been learning from a variety of teachers and workshop instructors, and broadened your horizons by attending several festivals and events.

    An experienced performer might be a superlative dancer, but it doesn't necessarily mean that she'll be a good teacher. Performing skills and a flourishing career can be a definite plus for a dance instructor but they don't guarantee that she will have what it takes to be a good coach. Teaching is an art form and some people are blessed with a natural gift for teaching. Several dancers teach but prefer performing, some do both equally well and enjoy it all, and there are also those who don't care for it and don't have the patience or personality needed to become a great instructor. As a teacher, you'll be facing a myriad of students, all with different needs, a wide range of physical abilities and talent, and a bunch of reasons for even considering the study of belly dancing. Some women decide to take classes for amusement; others are seriously trained dancers who want to develop their skills. You need to be able to discern the needs of your students and treat them as individuals.

    After I was teaching for a while, I noticed that it seemed like I had an awful lot of students who were coming to me from some sort of traumatic situation such as a divorce, a mastectomy, an eating disorder, miscarriage, or just a plain old midlife crisis. I wondered what was up with that but when I discussed this phenomenon with other teachers, I found that it wasn't uncommon. My friend Suhaila Salimpour told me something to the effect of "When I see women coming into my classes, I know it means they are ready for a major change or transition." This is not to say that you'll be holding classes in The Land Of The Broken Toys, but you'll probably find that many of your students do have a back-story that isn't necessarily all about fun or experiencing a new adventure. That means that in addition to technical skills, as a teacher you'll need to hone your emotional intelligence, and be able to zero in with the skill of trained psychologist to ascertain what makes your students "tick".

    There is no one type of student. Some work diligently, progress quickly and start performing, while others are just taking the class to lose weight or have fun. Certain students desire corrections, critique and brutally honest assessment, but to others, this may seem humiliating. Then there are students who will chatter incessantly, question every word you say, and act out in other ways disturbing to the class as a whole. You'll need to be able to command a class without seeming like a tyrant, keeping the atmosphere light and fun, but educational. This takes a lot of finesse and sensitivity.

    Read more: Gilded Serpent, Belly Dance News & Events , » Thoughts on Teaching Belly Dance Copyright 1998-to current date by Gilded Serpent, LLC Whether you're teaching already or just thinking about it, here are some points to consider: Student Safety Comes First– It's crucial that you practice and teach safe posture and thorough warm-ups and cool downs. You can never be too careful about this anyway, but once you throw students into the mix, you are now responsible for the well being of others. Ask your students point blank if they are currently dealing with any injuries or infirmities that you should be aware of. Let them know that it's all right to speak up if they have health issues or if a movement feels strange or is hurting them, and that it's fine for them to take a breather if they feel the need to. Remind them to stay well hydrated. If you think you may be lacking in the area of health and safety, general anatomy and biomechanics, then by all means, before you start teaching you must familiarize yourself (at the very least in a broader sense) through taking fitness classes and adjunct course, and also by reading as much as you can on these subjects. While you are teaching, pay strict attention to the body alignment and posture of your pupils, focusing on areas that are prone to injury, especially the spine, hip joints and knees. Correct your students and remind them often. Read more: Gilded Serpent, Belly Dance News & Events , » Thoughts on Teaching Belly Dance Copyright 1998-to current date by Gilded Serpent, LLC